3-D Animation

x, y, z coordinates. Uses a “camera” point of view, having objects move in the the 3-D world while the camera is stationary.

Based on all of the 3-coordiante points specified for a shape, a 2-D plane is created. Many of these 2-D planes can be stitched together to create 3-D objects.

jit.gl.render used in tandem with jit.window

qmetro- willing to drop bangs if computer gets too backed up.

OpenGL- R, G, B, Opacity(Alpha) as opposed to video- Alpha, R, G, B

Cubes, spheres, torus etc. – standard shapes that jit.gl can render

jit.gl.gridshape to draw shape

jit.gl.texture to give shapes a texture. Could be a still image or video.

jit.gl.videoplane to render video onto a planar surface

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