Savage Henry




Once known as the hairiest band in Bellingham, Washington, Savage Henry was a unique outfit of six musicians playing music in small to midsize venues around the Pacific Northwest from 2003-2011. Savage Henry espouses originality in its compositions, which encompasses progressive rock, jazz, funk, avant garde, humor, and other portions of various sporadic and disparate elements within the far reaches of the endless musical spectrum. Savage Henry also incorporates extended collective improvisation within its compositions and can take off into completely different directions at every show or rehearsal…The live show is alternately groovy and grotesque! Savage Henry reunited for three rehearsals and one show, playing at the wedding of a couple of close friends in May 2013.


Savage Henry is:

Jordan Watson – Guitar
Todd Smith – Guitar
Andrew Merlina – Bass
Alex McKay – Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Stainback – Percussion
Eli Watson – Drums

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