FP – In Progress

I was able to use sigmund~ in conjunction with a live-input pitch shifter (which uses pfft~)  in order to retune each incoming guitar note microtonally. To do this, I took the midi note produced by sigmund~‘s analysis and converted to frequency using mtof. I then ran this into the pitch shifter, being sure to gate the dry signal. Then I used a sel object to select each midi note coming from sigmund~, and changed the pitch upward by an 1/8th of a semitone each time a new note is detected. I plan to set up a few systems of tuning that will be able to be chosen by probabilities.

I also thought it would be interesting to experiment with adding an overtone series from other pitches while keeping the current pitch’s fundamental. So I set up 8 cycle~‘s that decrease in volume each time the overtone increases. I still have to test it with an actual guitar signal, but in testing with different waveforms it might not work out the way I thought it might. If the partials are too loud, it starts to just sound like a harmonized note (which makes sense). It starts to sound more interesting when using partials that belong to microtonal intervals away from the fundamental. In this test, all of the overtones in the series from 3-8 (I kept 2 as the octave), were derived from the same fundamental. I want to try varying the different partials that relate to different fundamentals. Maybe I can work in probabilities/randomness into this as well.

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