FP in progress

This weekend I spent some time studying a patch by Chris Dobrian which stores amplitude and frequency curves of an incoming sound in two different buffers. After making a few tweaks to an abstraction within the patch that allowed sigmund~ to look at the proper amplitude range, I was able to re-synthesize a sound file into a sine wave. I now need to tweak this a little bit more to work with live guitar input. I also plan to setup a mode where the buffers can continuously be written into. Once the guitar input is working correctly with this part of the patch, I will setup a small system of probabilities to change the pitch speed, and playback direction of the original signal as well as working on allowing the information in the buffers to be read from different index points.


Now that I have made some headway into working with sigmund~ in a few different ways (microtonal playing, buffered curves, playing MIDI sounds in unison with live signal), I want to begin to add in a few more options like playing back samples, and setup a system of probabilities and weight distributions. I would like to explore the idea of probability crossfading within this project. So over time, as the electronically prepared guitar is played, the way randomness is incorporated gradually changes.

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