In-class 2015-02-24

Can use sigmund~ to continuously track pitch and amplitude and store those curves in a buffer. Those curves can be re-synthesized with separate control over speed and pitch. In essence, this captures expressivity of a performance to be mapped onto other sounds.

Look more into this as one of the behaviors in my prepared guitar final project. Be able to play back a few sets of “expressions” at different pitches/speeds/sounds. Maybe be able to truncate and offset to pull out “motivic” ideas?

info~ can give info on things stored in a buffer.

cycle~ can read through 512 samples of a stored sound in a buffer.

index~ with count~ can help to index moments in the buffer to access.

wave~ read through any portion of buffer and use it like a waveform.

poke~/peek~ write and look at specific point of buffer.

Possibly use a buffer to play in reverse with a slight latency for my final project?


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