Although most of my music employs elements from across the musical spectrum, it can generally be split into two categories; Concert Music and Other Music. The pieces that comprise the ‘Concert’ category are for both acoustic and electronic ‘instruments’, are thoroughly notated using pencil, paper, and/or Finale, and are often performed in a concert hall for an active-listening audience (though there is no reason this music couldn’t be performed in a bar or club). In the ‘Other’ category are recorded pieces and songs that might not have been notated and are generally performed by myself or my bands in bars, clubs, and all-ages joints. The audiences at these venues are usually a mixed bag of active and passive listeners.

*NOTICE*- Scores are made available for personal enjoyment and musical interest. They do not grant the user any rights to duplicate, adapt, arrange, record, or transmit these works in any manner without written consent from myself. If you are interested in performing or recording any of these works, please contact me here.


Year Title Score Recording
2015 Upon His Return From Proxima Centauri View Listen
2015 The Eyes Halve It View Listen
2014 Permutations of the Infinite View Listen
2014 U.S. Route 2: Lonesome Among The Pines View Listen
2013 Untitled for Piano – Mvt. II: Blues-Jazz Really View Listen
2013 Missing Time-Music for Eight and a Half Minutes View Listen
2011 Venetian Church Bell Overture View Listen
2011 CHEESEsoundCAKEscape (Stereo Playback) Listen
2011 Point Two Five View Listen
2010-2011 String Quartet No. 1 'Mimema' – Mvt. I: Sonata-esque View Listen
2010-2011 Fraction of a Fraction (10 of 13 Movements) View Listen
2010 Sonata V from Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano by John Cage – Arranged for Orchestra View Listen
2009 Enigma View Listen
2009 Warning Ticks Occur Here (3 Movements – Quad-Surround Playback) Listen
2009 Theory of Life (Quad-Surround Playback) Listen
2009 Perception (3 Movements) View Listen
2008 Fogwalk View Listen
2007-2008 Games (3 Movements) View Listen
2007-2008 Galactic Impact View Listen


Year Title (Group) Score Recording
2014 Under The Bus (Goldilocks Planet) View Listen
2014 Music for "Into the Choreography House" mini-documentary View
2013 The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) w/ Kaleena Zanders Listen
2013 The Gorgonizers (Goldilocks Planet) View Listen
2013 Zymn (J Radon/sFSYnm) Listen
2012 One-A-Day Essentials #2 – One shorty a day for seven days (J Radon/sFSYnm) Listen
2012 One-A-Day Essentials #1 – One shorty a day for seven days (J Radon/sFSYnm) Listen
2012 Music for Little People: The Agency website video View
2011-2012 Temporal Wandering (Secret Dad) Listen
2011 Fungus (J Radon) Listen
2011 Sidewalk (J Radon) Listen
2011 Dreamature (J Radon) Listen
2011 5*3*2 (J Radon) Listen
2011 Quintessence (Secret Dad Trio) Listen
2011 Amam Mama (J Radon) Listen
2011 Pulsed (J Radon) Listen
2011 Jingle Jangle Jungle (J Radon) Listen
2011 Extraterrestrial Life Behind Gaudi's Door (J Radon) Listen
2010-2011 Ghost Barge (co-written with Secret Dad) Listen
2010-2011 Fallin' To Pieces (co-written with Secret Dad) Listen
2010-2011 The Last Days of the Jellyfish Hunter (co-written with Secret Dad and Don Reniff) Listen
2010 Syllables (J Radon) Listen
2010 Rocks On Holiday (J Radon) Listen
2010 Metasynth Variations (J Radon) Listen
2010 Makin' Copies (J Radon) Listen
2010 Abductions (J Radon) Listen
2009 Tea For Dong (J Radon) Listen
2009 Knobs For Another (J Radon) Listen
2009 Thrazz (J Radon) Listen
2009 Dunston Hasslehoffman Checks In (Savage Henry/Secret Dad/Goldilocks Planet) View Listen
2009 Cityscape (J Radon) Listen
2009 feat. Pump Organ (J Radon) Listen
2005 Fumbling Funumbalist (Savage Henry) Listen
2004 Total Gravity (co-written with Savage Henry) Listen
2004 Vigilante Justice (co-written with Savage Henry) Listen
2004 Part Time Hair (Savage Henry) Listen
2003 Neon Mesh Dress (co-written with Savage Henry) Listen
2003 Passages (Savage Henry) Listen

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