2005/02/04 – Battle of the Bands Round 1, CTK Church, Custer, WA 

Savage Burn^>Stay Frosty, Part Time Hair>Son of Dad, Nobunaga’s Ambition, Wheresoever, Full Metal Jesus>Don’s Knot2005-02-04 Flyer

^ Debut

The band took first place at this show.






stream or download show at the Live Music Archive 


2005/03/19 – Pickford Dreamspace, Bellingham, WA

Wheresoever>Full Metal Jesus, Nobunaga’s Ambition>Ethernaut^>Jam>Part Time Hair>Jam>Funk Machine, Don’s Knot

^ Debut; unfinished

2005-03-19 Flyer



2005/04/08 – Battle of the Bands Round 2, CTK Church, Custer, WA  (Recording Available)

Slap Crackle Pop, Don’s Knot, Nobunaga’s Ambition, Ethernaut, Full Metal Jesus

The band took first place at this show2005-04-08 Flyer








2005/04/26 – Museum Night, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA

Wheresoever> Percussion Jam

During Wheresoever, Chris and Eli started a longer-than-usual percussion jam that was cut off when a teacher starting clapping and then announced the end of museum night.


2005/04/29 – Battle of the Bands Round 3, CTK Church, Bellingham, WA  (Recording Available) 

Ethernaut, Jenny^, Funk Machine, Vigilante Justice>End to a Means2005-04-29 Flyer

^ Debut; 10 O’Clock Scholar cover

The band was required to learn a cover a song by some local musicians involved in the battle of the band concerts. After being announced as taking second place, friend of the band, Brendan Hancock, sprayed red Kool-Aid on Savage Henry.




2005/05/20 – Amy Ogmundson Benefit, Pickford Dreamspace, Bellingham, WA (Recording Available) 

Passages>Stay Frosty>Part Time Hair>Vigilante Justice, Nobunaga’s Ambition>King Kong>Transylvania Boogie>Nobunaga’s Ambition>Part Time Hair, Ethernaut

2005-05-20 Flyer










2005/05/28 – Kranz Koop, Ferndale, WA

Cannonball Jam>Full Metal Jesus>Stay Frosty, Wheresoever, Neon Mesh Dress> Being Anatomically Correct Would Hurt^, Ethernaut, Don’s Knot>Funk Machine

^ Debut


2005/06/05 – Tequila Rocks, Bellingham, WA

King Kong>Transylvania Boogie>Full Metal Jesus, Ethernaut, Passages>TNT^> Slap Crackle Pop>Passages>Neon Mesh Dress

^ Debut; AC/DC cover


2005/06/18 – Deptuch Barn, Ferndale, WA 

Slap Crackle Pop, End To A Means>Cannonball Jam>Don’s Knot>End To A Means, Ethernaut, Nobunaga’s Ambition, Chris’ Song, Part Time Hair, Wheresoever, Funk Machine, King Kong>Transylvania Boogie>Full Metal Jesus>Stay Frosty>Pirate Song> Lust in Paradise>Don’s Knot

This setlist was improvised on the spot

stream or download show at the Live Music Archive 


2005/06/24 – Rice Barn, Ferndale, WA

Living Slackmaster>Stay Frosty, Son of Dad>My Old School Jam^>Son of Dad, Nobunaga’s Ambition>Vigilante Justice>Wheresoever>Don’s Knot>King Kong> Transylvania Boogie>Don’s Knot>Part Time Hair

^ Debut; Steely Dan cover

This setlist was improvised on the spot;


2005/08/06 – Pickford Dreamspace, Bellingham, WA

Don’s Knot*, Wheresoever*, Full Metal Jesus, Nobunaga’s Ambition, Belvin^ Passages#>My Old School Jam#>Not Fade Away Jam#**>Passages#, End To A Means*

^ Debut

* with Evan “Shoebot” on Tenor Saxophone

# with Jabez Richard aka Stabbin’ Hobo on Percussion

** Debut; Buddy Holly cover

stream or download show at the Live Music Archive 


2005/08/23 – American Legion Hall, Blaine, WA

Son of Dad, Part-Time Hair, Ethernaut>Wheresoever>Ethernaut> Whersoever> Belvin>King Kong>Transylvania Boogie>Ethernaut, Passages>Cannonball Jam> Passages*>End to a Means Jam>Passages>Wheresoever

*includes teases of “Stash” and “Mound” by Phish, “Southbound Pachyderm” by Primus, and “Rebel Rebel” by David Bowie

This setlist was improvised on the spot; Alex was not at this show

stream or download show at the Live Music Archive 


2005/08/27 – Brookestock II, Brooke Farm, Ferndale, WA

Vigilante Justice>Jam>Stay Frosty>Creezlo’s Kids^>Belvin, Nobunaga’s Ambition> Son of Dad, Wheresoever>Full Metal Jesus>Wheresoever, Don’s Knot, Ethernaut> Part Time Hair Jam>Ethernaut, End To A Means

^ Debut; unfinished

This setlist was improvised on the spot


2005/09/19 – WWU Bookstore, Bellingham, WA

Jam, Nobunaga’s Ambition, Vigilante Justice, Ethernaut, Slap Crackle Pop> Wheresoever>Stay Frosty>End To A Means, Son of Dad

*This setlist was improvised on the spot


2005/10/08 – The Gathering Festival, Pickford Dreamspace, Bellingham, WA

Stay Frosty>Jam>Belvin>Full Metal Jesus>Belvin, Neon Mesh Dress>Nobunaga’s Ambition>End To A Means>Nobunaga’s Ambition>Son Of Dad


2005/10/21 – Blaine Performing Arts Center, Blaine, WA

Ethernaut, Belvin, Funk Machine, Passages, Don’s Knot


2005/10/28 – Underground Coffehouse, WWU, Bellingham WA

Set I – Slap Crackle Pop>Belvin>Slap Crackle Pop>Belvin>King Kong>Nobunaga’s Ambition, Wheresoever>Ethernaut

Set II – End To A Means>Vigilante Justice>End To A Means, Stay Frosty>Total Gravity> Part Time Hair>Funk Machine, Don’s Knot

2005-10-28 Flyer


2005/11/06 – Tequila Rocks, Bellingham, WA

Son of Dad, Wheresoever>Full Metal Jesus, Part Time Hair, Ethernaut> Powerhouse> Ethernaut, Funk Machine>Belvin


2005/12/23 – Kranz Koop, Ferndale, WA

Belvin>Funk Machine Jam>Belvin, Passages, Don’s Knot>Vigilante Justice Jam> Don’s Knot>Ethernaut>Powerhouse>Ethernaut, Wheresoever>Fallin’ Ditch^

^ Debut; Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Cover

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