2010/04/18- Worthy Party II, Neptune Beach, Ferndale, WA 

Full Metal Jesus>Jam*>Beware of Doug, King Kong>Trannsylvania Boogie, Passages**>Mario Kart 64 Medley#, Plankton Sea Greens and Protein From the Sea>Belvin##

This show was played at 8 A.M. on the beach

* includes tease of “Ghost Barge” by Secret Dad

** includes teases of “Mario Raceway” by Kenta Nagata, “Norwegian Wood” by the Beatles, “Ethernaut”, “Vigilante Justice”, and “Guido and Guida”

# consists of “Mario Raceway”, “Koopa Troopa Beach”, and “Results” themes by Kenta Nagata; includes a tease of “Sanford and Son Theme” by Quincy Jones

## includes teases of “Für Elise” by Beethoven and “Sanford and Son Theme” by Quincy Jones

stream or download show at the Live Music Archive 

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