2013/05/23- Jabez and Ciera’s Drag Wedding, Broadway Hall, Bellingham, WA 

Intro, Plankton Sea Greens and Protein From the Sea, Don’s Knot, Neon Mesh Dress, Jake’s Mistake, Ethernaut > Home Improvement Theme > Ethernaut, Mesopotamian Fool (Mesopotamia), Tungus*, King Kong>Trannsylvania Boogie>End To A Means**, Funk Machine > Fist To The Wrist2013-05-23 Poster

This was a Savage Henry reunion show for the occasion of Jabez and Ciera’s wedding.

* Contains elements of “Too Many Puppies” by Primus

** Contains elements of the “Game of Thrones” theme



stream or download show at the Live Music Archive 

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