I offer many types of lessons and services for low hourly rates or negotiated prices. With a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology, a Bachelor’s of Music degree in composition, more than nine years of classical guitar, theory, electroacoustic music, and audio engineering studies/practice, as well as over sixteen years of playing all different styles of guitar and improvisation in bands, I can create a custom learning experience for each individual. I am available to teach lessons in the Whatcom County area of Washington State or via online, video conferencing software, such as or Skype, and can provide many different services locally or remotely.



30 minutes – $25 / 60 minutes – $45 

  • Composition- Notation, Techniques, Popular/Jazz/Classical/Experimental Styles
  • Guitar- Electric, Acoustic, Classical, Any Style
  • Mandolin
  • Improvisation
  • Electronic and Computer Music/Software- MIDI, Synthesizers, Beats, GarageBand, Max/MSP, Pro Tools, Reason, Ableton Live, MIDI, Finale, Sibelius
  • Theory- Intervals, Chords, Scales, Modes, Functionality, Tonality, Atonality, Voice Leading, Serialism, Sets
  • Audio Engineering- Mics, Mixers, Signal Routing, Signal Processing, Effects Processing, Editing, Mastering


  • Commissioned Compositions- contact to negotiate price based on the project
  • Scoring Video/Film- contact to negotiate price based on the project
  • Music Copy Work/Arranging/Orchestration- $45/hr.
  • Audio Recording, Mixing, and Editing- $45/hr (limited mics and simultaneous inputs for recording unless you have access to additional equipment or spaces)
  • Digitization Services- $15/hr. for the digitization of cassettes, vinyl, and VHS audio; additional editing available at $45/hr.
  • Session Work- $45/hr. for prewritten parts or $60/hr. for me to compose and play a part (Guitar, Computer Programming, Keyboards/Synths, Violin, Mandolin)
  • Performance/Ensemble Work- contact to negotiate price based on the project (Guitar, Mandolin, Violin)



Audio Examples:

Scored Video

click to open video for Little People: The Agency



     electroacoustic- interactive

     graphic notation

     vocal chamber

     pop song

     electroacoustic- playback

     electroacoustic- playback





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